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A Pro-guide From Pest Control Services to Get Rid of Mosquitoes!

Summer is here, and so are the mosquitoes! Recent research shows, “Currently, there are at least 84 mosquito species in the state of Florida.” Yet, while living in Loxahatchee, you should be more careful, especially for your kids during the summer. After all, the last thing you wish is that buzzing sound around your room and itchy swollen marks on your children’s skin. And if you have a high volume of mosquitoes on your premises, it’s time to consider our pest control services in Loxahatchee to prevent infestation. Besides, we are here to guide you about a few preventive actions.


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Tips From Pest Control Services to Eliminate Mosquitoes


As the sun shines and the climate warms up in spring, especially summer, mosquitoes start to show up because it breeds more quickly than the usual time of the year. And as mosquito bites carry deadly diseases, you can’t allow them to buzz around your kids. So, whenever you find a major mosquito infestation on your property, just get our pest control services in Loxahatchee. We target all living and breeding areas on your property and use the latest equipment to eradicate the root cause of infestation.

But if you don’t want further mosquito infestation and breeding on your premises, we suggest reading the following guide so you can be careful and take preventive actions. Have a look:

What attracts mosquitoes to your home?


To prevent the re-infestation of mosquitoes, you need to understand what brings it to your property. You can find two kinds of mosquitoes: floodwater and permanent water. However, most mosquito species lay their eggs on the still water surface, like ponds, birdbaths in your home, or pools. In fact, the source can be the water in a small container if you leave it open always and don’t change it. Mosquitoes usually target such sources of still water.


On the other hand, suppose anywhere on your property doesn’t have any source of still water where mosquitoes can lay eggs. But these pests can find another way to breed, like roof gutters or hollowed-out tree stumps.


What can attract mosquitoes to you or your kids?


Sometimes, you may notice mosquitoes target your kids wherever they go. It happens for different reasons, depending on many factors, like blood type or outfit. So if you stay aware of these facts, you may get rid of these pests a little. Here’s what you can do:


  • When you and your kids are out, wear bright and light-colored outfits. Studies show mosquitoes get drawn to bold shades, like pitch red or vibrant yellow.


  • Recent research shows that fruity and floral scents draw the mosquitoes. So, the perfume or deodorant in summer with a similar scent can attract these pests.


How to Get Rid of Mosquitoes at Home


Maybe you have no option to keep mosquitoes away when you are out, except for wearing light-colored outfits and avoiding floral-scented perfumes. But when you are at home and experiencing extreme nuisance from mosquitoes, here are a few steps you can take:


Step #1: Call pest control experts to treat your property:


Pest control professionals design their mosquito extermination plan to target all the areas of your property where the chances of mosquito breeding and living are high. You can expect no re-infestation if you take other preventive actions too.


Step #2: Eliminate the source of standing water:


Well, you can’t control everything! For example, if your property has a pond, the chances of further mosquito infestation remain there even after pest control experts eliminate it once. In that case, you should get pest control treatments thrice a year. But you can remove the other sources of still water like if you have a kiddie pool, keep it empty. Also, clean your roof gutter twice a month!


Step #3: Don’t let mosquitoes in!


Mosquitoes remain outside or around your home mostly. And to keep those from coming indoors, keep the doors closed, especially in the high time- dawn and evening. If you want to open windows, check the panes first if they have any tears or rips.


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So, whatever attracts mosquitoes on your property, if you need expert help to get rid of it, contact us. We will provide the mosquito control plan that works for you! Stay connected!

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