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Are Pest Control Services Actually Safe for Your Kids and Pets?

Hey, are you a parent or a paw-parent? Whoever you are, the safety of your children and pets becomes your top priority no matter what. Yet, the last thing you want is uninvited guests at home, like pests! But a telephone survey proves, “A whopping 90 percent of homeowners said they have experienced an insect infestation.” And a national survey shows, “Homeowners ranked Florida as the state with the worst bug infestation problems – including ants, termites, and cockroaches.” Yet, you shouldn’t think twice about hiring our pest control services in Lake Worth at least once in six months if you live in that area.


But if you doubt whether it’s safe for your kids, let us help you clear that doubt!


Pest Control Services


DIY pest control tricks are not safe for your pets and kids:


First, let us tell you that our pest control services in Lake Worth are actually safer than your DIY tricks.

After all, like many other homeowners, you go for bleach, vinegar, or DE (diatomaceous earth), which may be a less aggressive and healthier alternative than chemical compounds but not that effective for eliminating the pests permanently. On the other hand, being a parent, you remain so busy keeping the pest infestation low so your children and pets stay safe that you often overlook preventive actions. You make dangerous decisions, and the issues impact the entire family. Yet, everything goes out of hand!

So, don’t you think you put your kids and pets in more danger than they are? Instead, you better let our pest control experts handle the household pests.

DIY methods you usually try for pest control at home:

As aforementioned, the most common ones are vinegar and bleach. But these two cause potential health hazards because of their volatilization into the air. After all, their compounds can burn one’s lungs which can do more harm than good to pets, small children, and elderly individuals as well.

DE is a great way to get rid of stubborn pest infestation naturally. This powder contains the compounds that block or damage the mucous membranes of small critters like bed bugs, ants, or cockroaches and kill them slowly. Although it’s effective for eradicating such insects, it can harm your kids and elders, especially those having asthma. In fact, when you have a curious pet, it can be a risk because they often stick their noses into that.

Now, you can say that you don’t try any DIY trick and rely on the pest control products available on the market. Yes, we can consider it a more effective solution but not as safe as our pest control services in Lake Worth! And the blunder happens, especially when you don’t know which pests you are dealing with and how much pesticide you should use that contains high levels of noxious chemicals.

Our pest exterminators know how to use a minimum amount of pesticide and safe methods to target the right critters in your home. We ensure the least use of chemicals overall!

Pest control services are a safer option for your pets and kids:

Reading the above explanations, we hope you understand why using professional pest control services is better and safer. Yet, you must stop testing your luck with the DIY tricks you find on the internet or available pest control products on the market. Instead, take advantage of the expertise and knowledge of our pest control exterminators!

We use effective techniques to eradicate specific species and put an end to your problem for those critters. Our experts know about the life cycles of specific pests that make it easy for them to target the critters at the right time with the right chemicals while leaving most parts of your home out of its effects.

However, we suggest a few simple solutions here for a pest-free home. Such as:

  • Eliminate the sources of standing water!
  • Seal all the cracks on the window screens and walls
  • Keep food in airtight containers
  • Call our pest control experts rather than applying DIY tricks


Pest Control

So, if you are ready to keep your home pest-free this year and try our pest control services in Lake Worth, call us to get a quote! Stay in touch!

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