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From Pest Control Experts: How to Keep Mice Out of Shop!

Wait! Have you just seen a mouse scurrying past you? Maybe it was in the food storage of your store! Yes, mice are not a problem just for homeowners but shop owners, too. In a recent news show, “Rats! Shoppers Get More Than Bargain Prices at Westlake 99 Cents Only Store” Hence, you can imagine how much a small mouse can affect your business! And when the last thing you want is mice infestation at your shop, call our experts for pest control in Westlake.


Maybe you think that you can get rid of these creepy crawlies out of your store with some simple tricks. But that’s not so simple! Let us tell you why.


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Best Ways to Keep Mice at Bay and Out of Your Store


Admit that the first time you see the mouse in your shop, you don’t think about it much until it starts attacking your food storage. In fact, understand that mice breed quite faster. Hence, even if you have seen a single mouse passing you in the store, it’s a concern!


Yes, you may have thought of trying all the DIY tricks possible to keep the mice out of your shop. But the question is if those work! Let us tell you:

Seal the holes and lock away the food:


The first thing you will hopefully do to keep the mice is to block their way to your store and hide their food sources so they can’t access them. You will seal all the holes and cracks, whereas moving all the edible products in the shop to the airtight containers.

Use the mouse traps:


The next thing you will probably do is try this approach to eliminate mice from your store. Well, that’s not a bad idea, though! You can try the classic mouse traps, the traditional mouse baits with a metal bar swing, or even the electric mouse traps to kill the mouse instantly. However, setting the mouse traps correctly is a hassle by observing their movements!

Poison for mouse control:


Yes, poisons can kill mice, but they can be harmful unless you use them carefully! Make sure you wear disposable gloves when using them and throw them away when you’re done. Though they’re less hassle than mouse traps, it’s not much effective for long-term solutions. The mice infestation can happen again!


Natural mice control approaches:


Mice are sensitive to strong smells. And yet, you can drive them away with certain odors. For example, you can try Peppermint oil as a mouse deterrent. For it, determine the area first where the mice enter the store and place the cotton balls soaked in Peppermint oil there to prevent the mice from invading, but not permanently.


Bottom Line


In short, you may see some results and prevent the infestation to some extent in the first place. But none of these can give you a permanent solution! Instead, contact us for pest control in Westlake if you need long-term mice prevention in your store! We can make mouse control easy and quick. Stay in touch!

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