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Pest Control in the Acreage: A Guide on Flea Bite Remedies!

In The Acreage, biting and stinging insects are quite common. And out of all of the flea bites, you may suffer because some bites are unpleasant and itchy. Recent research shows, “Siphonaptera, more commonly known as fleas, are an order of wingless arthropods with more than 2000 species. Flea bites are common in North America, especially in outdoor or unkempt conditions.” So, when you identify flea bites in your home or your backyard, don’t be late calling us for this pest control in The Acreage.


But do you know any remedy to get rid of that itchiness from flea bites?


Pest Control

Straight From Pest Control Experts: Flea Bite Remedies


Flea bites cause not only itching but redness and discomfort as well. And if you want to get rid of these, we can suggest a few home remedies that relieve itchiness and redness.


But before that, you need to know how the flea bites look, so you can identify them at once and apply these home remedies.


In most cases, these common household pests attack the lower parts, like ankles, feet, or calves. Like bed bugs, fleas feed on people by jumping onto them from any rug, carpet, or furniture. Flea bites make small red spots on your skin, appearing in clusters. It often happens when fleas bite several times on the same spot of your body.


First, you will feel a little discomfort from the bite that people often ignore until they start feeling intense itchiness after a few minutes. To guess a flea bite, you can look for the following signs:


  • Itching


  • Swelling


  • Redness and red spots like rashes around the area you get flea bites


Now, if you have identified flea bites on your skin, we advise you to try these home remedies to treat the itchiness and swelling. But if you experience an allergic reaction, consult your physician and call our experts for pest control in The Acreage immediately!


Ice packs:


Ice packs numb the skin where fleas bite and cool the area. That’s why you feel the itchiness lessen slowly.




Vinegar remains in almost every kitchen pantry for preparing different dishes. Use a cotton ball to soak in vinegar and dab it onto the flea bites areas and the skin around it. This trick will definitely reduce your irritation and itching.




Alcohol is just not for your weekend party. It can work well even as a flea remedy. Take a small amount of alcohol, mix it with water, and apply it with a cotton ball to the flea bite area. It cuts down the chances of infection from scratching and itchiness.


Tea bag:

Do you know that as a cup of tea relieves your stress, the tea bag can give you relief from the discomfort of flea bites? Cool and moist tea bags contain astringent properties that reduce itchiness.


Pest Control


Bottom line


These home remedies can cut down the discomfort and itchiness of flea bites. Still, it’s essential to take care of flea infestation. And to eradicate the source of the problem, you can contact us for pest control in The Acreage. Stay in touch!

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