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Pest Control in Westlake: Separating Facts From Fictions!

Pests are a common problem in housing units across the country, especially in the surrounding areas of Westlake. Recent research shows data “about 14 million of the approximately 124 million occupied housing units in the United States reported seeing roaches in their homes during the last 12 months. Also, nearly 14.8 million reported seeing rodents (mice or rats).” Still, myths about these pests and pest control in Westlake keep circulating homeowners, like cheese can bring the mice out and bed bugs target only dirty homes!


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Bring the Facts Out of These Pest Control Myths Spreading in Westlake


Some fiction about pest control may seem to be great advice with good intentions. Still, those don’t get rooted at all! That’s why we have gathered the myths spreading on pest control in Westlake to separate the facts about those. Such as:

Fiction #1: Bed bugs don’t attack clean homes!

To bed bugs, it doesn’t make a difference whether you have a sparkling home or not! These pests invade your house looking for fresh blood, not the ambiance. Yet, a clean home is equally susceptible to bed bugs as a messy and grimy one! Generally, these pests make their way into your home through luggage or bags you carry in from outside, like a hotel room or somewhere else where there may be pest infestations.

Fiction #2: Mosquitoes come out only at night!

This one is the most common household pest with a blood-sucking nature, though not vampires! But if you think that sunlight can prevent them from using you as their meal, you have believed in fiction so far. The best way to eliminate mosquitoes is to destroy their breeding ground which is stagnant water! Yet, get rid of the sources of standing water in your home and keep that away.

Fiction #3: You can kill the bed bugs with your DIY tricks!

Maybe you don’t know, but bed bugs can breed and stay in a tight place while multiplying quickly! Studies show that they can lay thousands of eggs in their lifetime. On the other hand, these pests can be anywhere in the joints of your couch or within the folds of your mattresses. Yet, your DIY tricks may not stop a bed bug infestation. Only professional heat treatment may eliminate these pests!

Fiction #4: You can entice mice with cheese!

It’s not probably the ‘Tom and Jerry’ show where Tom lures Jerry with a piece of cheese to catch. In reality, baiting the mice with cheese is not a great way to bring those out and trap them. In fact, it can be more tempting to welcome rodents. To lure mice, dried fruit or chocolate can be better! And if you are experiencing bigger mice infestations you better let our pest control experts handle that.

We hope you now get the facts about pest control in Westlake and understand that you have believed in myths so far! Make sure you don’t leave your home prone to pest attacks. Keep an eye on the signs and whenever you find one, let us know!

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