Mice Overview

A mouse is a small mammal. The commonly known mouse species is the house mouse (Mus musculus). A mouse is also popular as a pet. In several places, some kinds of field mice are common locally. These are known to invade homes for shelter and food.


Mice prefer living in homes and outbuildings rather than in yards, fields, and forests. Mouse habitats vary, but usually, most of the species prefer living near people. Man-made structures provide mice with protection from predators while also thus, they access water and food scraps.


Through gnawing and nest-building, mice cause damage to structures. In livestock confinement accommodations as well as similar structures, mise is known to quickly cause significant damage to insulation inside attics and walls. These kinds of damages also occur in apartments, homes, as well as commercial buildings.


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Characteristically, mice have a pointed snout, furry small body, a body-length scaly tail, and small rounded ears. These come with a high breeding rate. Mice are typically smaller in size than rats. Usually, when it comes to a muroid rodent, it is called mouse if it is smaller, or rat if it is larger in size. Also, you will find that domestic mice that are sold as pets often differ noticeably in size from the common house mouse. This is caused by breeding and differing conditions in the wild. The white lab mouse is the commonly-known strain of the mouse. It is known to have more uniform characteristics that are suitable to use in research. In some contexts, mice are considered vermin that are a major cause of crop damage.


They are considered to have rapid reproduction. While the typical mouse life cycle varies, it usually lasts about two years indoors. And that can be a problem for the residents. Mice not only cause damage but also cause the spread of disease. And problems worsen by their high rate of reproduction. Roughly, an adult female mouse can give birth to over 60 babies in a single year. Newborns are hairless and blind. But after two weeks, baby mice grow thin fur and gain sight and mobility gradually.

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