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Pro Tips From Pest Control Services on Getting Rid of Fruit Flies!

Fruit flies are quite common in almost every home in Royal Palm Beach. And until you use professional treatment, these are gonna come back again and again. That’s why we suggest hiring our pest control services in Royal Palm Beach to eliminate the fruit flies from your premises. But if you are new here and have no idea what even a fruit fly looks like, you should probably give a few minutes to read our blog.


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What Do Fruit Flies Actually Look Like, and What Are These Pests?


When you see flies around ripe fruits in your kitchen or dining space, the chances are that they are fruit flies. These insects often get attracted to overripe fruits and even stagnant water, like gutters, drains, or pools, much like other common household pests such as mosquitoes and house flies.


Yes, you may think removing all these sources can eradicate the fruit flies but not so easy! You need our pest control services in Royal Palm Beach to bring those out. And even if you want to eliminate flies yourself at the early stage of infestation, you need to know how fruit flies look for that.


Fruit flies are too small to identify and stop invading your home even when you have standard screens on the windows and doors. However, most flies look similar. But common house flies are a little bigger and black in color. Research shows, “There are approximately 1,500 different species of Drosophila, each with their own distinct characteristics. Florida is home to approximately 27 species of fruit flies.”


So, the best way to recognize a fruit fly is by its bright red eyes and large brown or tan body. But don’t mistake it with a fungus gnat! This buzzing insect has a typically black body while they are found near plants mostly. And as aforementioned, you can see the fruit flies active around overripe fruits, kitchen, or garbage.


We hope it will be helpful for you to identify the fruit flies. Now, let’s see what brings it to your home.


What Attracts Flies to Your House?


No matter how durable screens are on your windows and doors, those can’t stop fruit flies. These insects can enter even through the smallest holes. But there must be something that attracts these pests to your home. For example, the fruit bowls on your dining table, kitchen countertops, or the fruit trees close to your house may be the reason.


Having any of these two means the chances of decaying, overripe fruits that bring the fruit flies to your cooking space and dining room. Don’t you get it? Let us explain it:


Fruit trees:


Having a fruit tree on your premises or near your home means fallen and rotten fruits around it that attract fruit flies and other pests, like rodents too.


Fruit bowls:


Fruit bowls really look great on the dining table. But do you have at least one fruit a day daily? Maybe not. It means fruits are often overripe or decay brings fruit flies to it.


So, better you start covering the fruits or keep those in the fridge. Otherwise, these insects may always be there to sniff out! Also, decaying or overripe fruits are the ideal breeding place for fruit flies. Besides this, they also lay eggs near trash cans, stagnant water, rotten foods, leaky sink drains, and so on.


How to Get Rid of Fruit Flies




The biggest fear is that fruit flies can bring bacteria into your home by infecting the fruits and food that can cause intestinal discomfort and diarrhea. So, if you identify these insects at the early stages of infestation, you can call us for pest control services in Royal Palm Beach or try your homemade fruit fly trap.


The former is always the best alternative to eradicate fruit flies because DIY tricks, like homemade fruit fly traps, come with trial and error steps. Also, this trap won’t allow you to have all of them in it. So, the surviving flies can breed again.


In a Nutshell


The best-proven way to get rid of fruit flies is professional treatment. And if you think you need one, contact us for pest control services in Royal Palm Beach and schedule periodic treatment to stop these insects from coming back.

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