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Quick Tips on Summer Pest Control in Boynton Beach

Hey, good news! The winter pests are gone now. Yet, you don’t have to face the rodents, we guess. But that doesn’t mean you will skip pest control for Boynton Beach home! The pest control statistics of Florida show that “50% of pest control companies confirm they deal with bed bug infestations in the summer more than in the winter.” “Termites are responsible for $30 billion in damage to crops and infrastructure annually.” And “Mosquitos are responsible for close to 800,000 deaths each year.” In short, the warmth of Florida attracts the summer pests more.


pest control service

Summer Pest Control Tricks to Prevent the Critters Invading Your Home


As the summer brings more pests, you need to add pest control in Boynton Beach to the list! As the temperature rises up and the rain starts, the bugs and termites start coming out. You may even start seeing fire ants and sugar ants in your kitchen pantry. Yes, cockroaches and spiders are not behind!


Yet, be extra careful to prevent these pests and exterminate them. First, you should know about the top summer pests you should be aware of. Such as:




In summertime, different ants try to make their way into your home, including sugar ants, black ants, fire ants, big-headed ants, and so on. You will generally find these insects to show up around the countertops, pantries, and near sinks, especially if you leave leftovers on the dishes. But black ants usually remain underneath rocks or rotten wood.




Spiders are quite common household pests in summer. These critters invade your home, searching for food and shelter. However, if you see a Brown Recluse spider or Black Widow, don’t think twice about calling professional pest control in Boynton Beach.




It’s a major problem that comes in summer, and for the breeding ground, these insects target the source of stagnant water in your home. These pests are not only annoying but pose a threat to you.


pest control service




Much like spiders and mosquitoes, termites are quite common in this season. And the worst part is that you can’t spot them until they have done enough damage to your property. These pests make their way by eating through wood and creating hollow holes.


And if you really want to keep these pests from getting into your home, it starts with pest prevention. We suggest following the tips below:


  • Trim the plants and bushes of your home


  • Look out for the cracks around the home, and seal those


  • Pay attention to the home foundation to ensure if any repairs required


  • Check the roof shingles if there is any termites infestation


  • Store the food in airtight containers in the pantry so the ants can’t reach it.


  • Avoid leaving the pet food out when it’s not having it!


  • Find if any leaks near water sources or stagnant water there


  • Stop spreading crumbs and clean the spills


  • Clean the garbage cans at least one day after


Still, if you fail to prevent the pests from invading your home, let us help you! You can also follow us on Twitter to stay tuned to our latest activities.

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