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West Palm Beach Pest Control: Get Rid of Ant Infestation This Summer!

Hey, it’s summer, and you may be excited to enjoy the barbeque even if you have to wait in line. But have you just spotted a line of ants waiting for food just around your table? Then, that’s not a great sign! And the best way to prevent these picnic-crashing pests is to call professional West Palm Beach pest control, especially when the infestation is large in number. But when the infestation is at its early stage, the following tips may help you get rid of that! Have a look!

Dodge the Summer Ants With Expert Pest Control Tips

During summertime, ants look for food and water just like us! Yet, when you leave the crumbs after summer cookouts, the ants find the source of food and water and start making colonies outside your home, making it easy for them to invade your premises. However, a simple effort can reduce the ant infestations at an early stage. Such as:

Ideate where the ants can show up:

It’s essential to know where they can come out and why to prevent the summer ants. For example, as these insects can hibernate in cooler months, they spend the whole summer storing food. Yet, you can find these insects most where the food is easily available, like at your family barbeque outside the home or in the backyard.

Inside the home, the summer ants are often seen in the kitchen pantry, and bathroom looking for water and food. They eat almost anything, from sugar to grease on the stovetop!

Prevention tricks:

You can implement the following tips to prevent or reduce the summer ant infestation at an early stage:

  • Start with eliminating the sources of standing water, like leaky pipes in the bathroom or faucets in the kitchen. Finding no source of water inside the home can bring them most outside!
  • If you often leave crumbs or leftovers on your dishes or spills on the stovetop, make sure you clean those sooner than later. Do the dishes ASAP while wiping down the countertops and stovetops immediately!
  • Always check under the garbage cans and behind the appliances if any residues and crumbs are accumulated there.

Best Pest Control Team to Contact to Prevent Summer Ant Infestation

At Fleming Lawn and Pest Services, you can have the best services for West Palm Beach pest control from trained and experienced professionals. They apply safe and long-term solutions to prevent pests and insects. Visit to know more!

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