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What to Do Before Getting Pest Control at Home: Never Miss 3 Things!

If you live in Atlantis, finding pests, like ants, bedbugs, cockroaches, fire ants, or mice, is quite common around your home. But when the infestation happens, these critters can creep the hell out of us- Right? And in that case, we suggest getting our services for pest control in Atlantis for your home and eliminating the pests from the root.

But before our team arrives, we want you to take a few steps to stay safe and prepare your home for pest control treatment.

Easy Steps to Take Before Pest Control Treatment at Home

Well, our services include solutions to most common household pests problems, from bed bugs to cockroaches to wasps and rats. In fact, you can rest assured that we use effective yet safe methods to eradicate the pests and put an end to your nightmare.

Still, you have to do the following things before our pest control professionals arrive:

Keep the pets away:

Having a furry friend is really blessed! But while getting pest control treatment at home, make sure you don’t leave them inside. The animals are quite sensitive to the chemicals. That’s why you should do the things mentioned below before the process starts:

  • Take your furry friend somewhere outside or keep them to your friend’s

  • If you have aquariums, cover that tightly with plastic!

  • Switch off the air pump of your aquarium

  • Store the bedding and toys of your dog carefully where the chemicals can’t reach

Allow us proper access:

Maybe you don’t know, but most household pests use the corners to hide. We, Fleming Lawn and Pest Services, suggest removing the large appliances and furniture a little away from the walls so that our pest control experts can get access there. Also, it will leave your belongings safe from chemical spray and spills.

Keep the bathroom clean:

Of course, we didn’t mean the floor or the toilet seat but the countertop. You often leave the toiletries over the countertop in the bathroom, like shaving razors, toothbrushes, or floss. Be sure to remove all those and replace your soap once our pest control team leaves.

Besides, don’t ignore your bedroom, kitchen, and dining space!

  • Clear out your cooktop

  • Store the utensils

  • Cover the dining table, couches, and chairs

  • Remove all the cushions, mattresses, and pillows

  • Keep all your outfits packed in the wardrobe

Apart from providing services for pest control in Atlantis, we cover more areas in the surroundings. Need help? Stay connected!

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